The Antidote to the Current Masculine Identity Crisis

Today we turn our attention to the current challenges that men face and the practical way forward to negotiate changing cultural expectations with masculinity.

Over the past several months, we have observed images on all sides of the political continuum to be a large proportion of men expressing anger, frustration, and aggression on a host of issues.

With regard to cultural media, we observe the portrayals of the dichotomous stereotypes of men. From one end of the spectrum, men are seen as dumb, ineffectual, incompetent deadbeats, unable to find a relevant place in society.

From the other extreme, we witness the portrayal of men in the form of the unrealistic superhero – the gold standard of masculinity, confidently showcasing charisma, exquisite handsomeness with the unrealistically ideal financial attainments and physical prowess.

In essence, men are struggling to find balance between effectiveness, utility, and feeling valued, while meeting the new societal guidelines for masculinity.

In times of rapid cultural change, men are directed to guidance from their ancient masculine core and essence.

The following should be considered for healthy negotiation of masculine strength with the adaptation to new societal norms.

* In order to feel valued, we must provide value to other men, women, and society as a whole.
* The antidote to the present existential masculine crisis is adaptation, with the deep focus on the embodiment of the ancient masculine core values. Compassion, rationality, altruism, generosity are the key ingredients to a healthy masculine mindset which provides direction and purpose to life.
* With this mindset, men are able to focus on the practical adaptation to challenges by being a value.

The pathway forward for men who feel angry, disenfranchised, and not valued is dedication to the core masculine principle of providing value to others.

Men need only to look to themselves if they want to be valued. History,  culture and political climates are immutable in this regard. Providing value is the pathway to reconciliation of the present masculine identity crisis.