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If you are a man struggling to find your place, experiencing challenges with attaining success equal to your potential, feeling unfulfilled in your relationships; you are not alone.  

I work with men to help them create opportunities for success, strengthen their resolve in the face of adversity, enhance their relationships, and live a purposeful life. 

Now more than ever, men need support and encouragement. A voice of a reason, an ear for understanding, and act of support is what many men need. 

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Now is the time to connect with an experienced psychologist who specializes in helping you become the valuable and fulfilled man you want to become.

Challenges to Men in Modern Society

Men in contemporary society face the complex challenge of the intricate negotiation between the changing cultural expectations of what a man is and the expression and embodiment of their masculinity. 

Terms such as oppressors, toxic masculinity have been cast at men regardless of their individual traits. Media often depicts men as dumb, ineffectual, incompetent deadbeats, so pathetic that even their own children mock them. In reality, most men have the potential within themselves to be valuable and even indispensable to society.

Despite this potential, data suggests that men are struggling more than ever before. Men are experiencing alarming mental health difficulties which have precipitated in the last decade, as indicated by the following statistics:

  • Men are 4x more likely to die by suicide than women.
  • Men are 3x as likely as women to be dependent on alcohol and drug use. 
  • ADHD is diagnosed at a gender ratio between 2:1 to 10:1 (Male to Female).
  • Men make up 95% of the prison population. 
  • Finally, men are less likely to seek psychological treatment than women. 


Mental Health Challenges

Men encounter a variety of mental health challenges including: 

  1. Depression and Anxiety
    Men may experience depression and anxiety differently than women, often manifesting as irritability, anger, being withdrawn, substance use, rather than expressing sadness or seeking help.
  2. Relationships and Intimacy Issues
    Just like women, men need connection and intimacy in their relationships. However, they may have difficulty expressing challenges in these areas and processing their emotions, often manifesting in withdrawal and lack of communication with their partner.
  3. Work and Performance Stress
    Many men experience pressure for being the “bread-winner” and providing for their partner and children. Balancing career goals with personal and relationship life can often lead to burnout and emotional fatigue.
  4. Trauma and PTSD
    Men may experience trauma from various sources such as combat, physical conflict, childhood events, and accidents, often leading to symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Some men live with unresolved trauma, adversely effecting their emotional functioning and relationships.
  5. Substance Abuse
    Men are more likely to use drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism for underlying trauma, stress, and emotional difficulties.

The Path Forward

In times of rapid cultural change and unprecedented acceleration of mental health challenges, men are directed to reacquaint with their ancient masculine core to develop competence, resilience, and to be of values to others. 

Men who seek improved emotional wellness, satisfactory relationships, peace of mind, and being valued, may greatly benefit from collaboration with a psychologist who specializes in men’s therapy. My nonjudgmental and empathic approach, combined with the practical implementation of strategies, will enable you to thrive despite adversity. 

I support men in their healthy negotiation of masculine strength by adapting to new societal norms. The following 3 core tenets are examined in our work together:

* In order to feel valued, we must be providing value to other men, women, and society as a whole. 

* The antidote to the present existential masculine crisis is in adapting, with the focus on the embodiment of the ancient masculine core values. Compassion, rationality, altruism, generosity are the key ingredients to a healthy masculine mindset which provides. These core values provide direction and purpose to life.

* With this mindset, men are able to focus on the practical adapting to challenges by being of value. The pathway forward for men who feel angry, disenfranchised, and not valued is dedication to the core masculine principle of providing value to others.

Men need only to look to themselves if they want to be valued. History culture and political climates are immutable in this regard. Providing value is the pathway to transcendence of the present masculine identity crisis.

Benefits of Therapy for Men

Therapy with me provides a private supportive environment for men to explore their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors without judgement. Some key benefits for men include:

Improved Emotional Awareness
Many men who struggle to find optimal fulfillment often present with barriers to their social and emotional functioning. Examples of these barriers may include past, unresolved traumatic, the presence of a neurodiverse conditions (e.g., ADHD), and most notable a lack of clear understanding of what you want in life.I help men identity and express their emotions in healthy ways, enhancing emotional intelligence and interpersonal relationships.

Enhancement of Competency and Resilience
You will learn to push just beyond your comfort zone in order to continue to build social-emotional competency. The expansion of your skills is the precursor towards building strong emotional fortitude and resiliency to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world.

Deeping of Intrinsic Values:
Men who experience a lack of contentment, are often experiencing a nonalignment between their actions and their deep, intrinsic value systems. In essence they are not living congruently with their value systems and who they are.I will help you identify misalignments and live more congruently with yourself, recalibrating their actions with how they ought to be living., based on your intrinsic values.

Finding Meaning and Purpose in Life
Existentialists, stoics, spiritual sages and learned men from all ages understood that fulfillment cannot be attained without the development of meaning and purpose in life.  I foster the discovery of what is meaningful and purposeful in your life and helps you live in congruence with their deeper meaning and purpose.

Need Help?

Now is the time to connect with an experienced psychologist who specializes in helping you become the valuable and fulfilled man you want to become.