Dr. Joseph Graybill, Ph.D.
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Life presents even the most capable people with challenges, setbacks, and seemingly unfair barriers that test our resolve. While the origins of our struggles are multivariate and complex, the pathway forward is surprisingly straightforward and attainable with with effort.

Through the building of a nonjudgmental, empathic and collaborative relationship, we will work together, on building your emotional fortitude, strengthening your resiliency and finding meaning in life. The work we do together, will help you overcome psychological difficulties, improve the quality of your relationships, achieve commensurate with your ability, and solve complicated life challenges.

I will be fully present with you, as you work to become the person you aspire to be, while providing encouragement to live life with kindness, strength, being of value to others.

Dr. Joseph Graybill



OCD Therapy

If OCD is preventing you from living a full life,
therapy can help you regain control of your life.

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Therapy for Men

If you are a man struggling to live a fulfilling life, therapy
from an expert psychologist in men’s issues is available.

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Therapy for Teens

If your teen is struggling with self-confidence,
connecting with others, and falling behind in school,
therapy can help improve their social-emotional wellness
and strengthen resilience.

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ADHD Therapy

If ADHD is holding you back from achieving at work,
school and in you relationships, therapy can help
you become  the successful person you aspire to be.

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