Lessons from the Scorpion and Frog Fable

Conventional interpretations of this “Scorpion and Frog”  fable teach us that people cannot resist the biological inclination, even when it’s not in their best interest.

This simple allegory taps into the age old Nature vs. Nurture debate. With respect to biological determinants, how much control we really have ? Does the scorpion’s actions signify that we are bound to the determinants endowed by our biological makeup.

I have long believed in the 80-20 split for most biological – environmental determinants for behavioral constructs.

In scientific terms, 20 {d9f09730db008852ca67dead2c85a97ab9604c8f2616311eda6a3317eb15d54d} of the variance is a large proportion within our control.

The power of discrimination is what separates us from the animal kingdom. Unlike the scorpion, we have the capacity to transcend our given lot in life through time, attention and effort.

The study of geology teaches that structural and functional changes result from time and force – sustained effort.

Raw steel with effort and time can be molded into a sword to inflict pain or a medical device to ameliorate illness.

Unlike the scorpion, we all have the capacity to transcend the hand we were dealt through the gift of discrimination. Time, concentration and sustained effort is discrimination manifested.

Using the endowment of discrimination, self-reliance is enacted- with the recognition that it is not only a gift but a responsibility.