Dr. Joseph Graybill, Ph.D.
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Dr. Graybill partners with International Schools to provide Psycho-Educational Assessments.

Contact Dr. Graybill at drgraybill@psychologyforward.com for detailed information on the best package for your school. Packages are designed to be flexible to meet each school’s individual Psycho-Educational Assessment needs for their student population.

Competitive fee packages are being offered for the current school year.

Many international schools do not have a full-time psychologist on staff, available to conduct Psycho-Educational Assessments for their Learning Support programs. Moreover, schools who are fortunate to have a psychologist are often inundated by the assessment demands.

Dr. Graybill provides Psycho-Educational Assessments and related services to international schools to support this vital need in the international education community.

Flexible modes of assessment are offered to schools through:

Remote Assessments
Schools have the option to procure high quality assessments of their students’ learning, social-emotional and attention needs through remote assessments, utilizing the latest advances in technology.

Travel-to-Location (In-Person) Testing
A travel-to-location (in-person) assessments are now being offered in which Dr. Graybill travels to schools to conduct the assessments physically at school campuses.

Hybrid approach
This option encompassing the advantages of the 2 modes of delivering assessments is also available, providing schools with choice and flexibility.

International schools may contract directly with Dr. Graybill to ensure the provision of high quality, Psycho-Educational Assessments for their student population.

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