Standard Fee Schedules 

Initial Intake/Clinical Interview 

1st Session/Psychological Consultation – is a comprehensive review of your/your child’s medical, developmental, health, and educational history. In addition, a review of informed consents and limits of confidentiality and payment will be discussed. The client and psychologist will come to an agreement on shared responsibilities for the therapeutic relationship. Goals for psychological counseling will be established, which will inform the approach to treatment/assessment and expectations of outcome. 

Duration: 90 Minutes
Fee: $250
CPT Code: 90791

Psychological Counseling/Psychotherapy – After the initial, clinical interview, a schedule of psychological counseling/psychotherapy sessions will be set forth. An effective therapeutic process typically requires a minimum of 1 session per week. Some clients may require sessions 2x per week, depending on need and treatment goals established with the psychologist. 

Duration: 45 Minutes
Fee: $200
CPT Code: 90834

Psycho-Educational Assessment – A Psycho-educational assessment is a time intensive process, consisting of assessment sessions, data analysis and interpretation, report writing, and feedback sessions. 

Duration: minimum of 2-3 session (2-hours each), 1 clinical interview, and 1 oral feedback session.
Fee: $2200 

*** This fee will be more if Autism is one of the suspected disabilities. Please inquiry with Dr. Graybill for this related fee.  

Fees for Other Services 

Time spent performing any other service that you request, or service deemed clinically necessary for your care will be billed in 15-minute increments at $50.  These services include telephone conversations, texts, emails, consulting with other professionals, preparation of records, documentation and treatment summaries. The preparation of the “Super Bill” does not incur an additional fee.