A Psycho-Educational Assessment provides parents, teachers, and allied professionals with specific information about a student’s strengths, challenges and unique learning needs.

The assessment process includes a variety of testing activities, interviews, questionnaires for the student, parents and teachers. The exact nature are determined by Dr. Graybill in consultation with the child’s parents and information gathered from teachers.

Psycho-Educational Assessments are often used to diagnose learning disabilities (e.g. Dyslexia), ADHD, Executive Functioning problems, Autism Spectrum Disorders and Psychiatric Disorders. In many cases these evaluations are used to determine if students qualify for:

  • SAT/ACT/GRE/GMAT/LSAT/MCAT accommodations
  • Special education services and accommodations in schools
  • Disability insurance
  • Post 21 services for Developmentally Disabled Persons

Dr. Graybill and his associates provide these assessments through two means:

  • Travel to your location: the assessment will be conducted physically in your location. An additional fee will be incurred to cover the cost of travel. This additional fee will be discussed with you prior to your informed consent to begin the assessment.
  • Remote Assessment: conducted virtually through new technology which adheres to the same quality and psychometric properties of the traditional,  in-person assessment. This new technology enables the psychologist to assess clients from anywhere in the world, virtually. The client only needs a computer, a computer camera, a solid internet connection and a quiet place to work in order to participate in the assessment. In some cases, your child’s school may provide an educational professional to be in the physical presence of your child to facilitate some assessment activities which require writing.

Psycho-Educational Evaluations typically involve the following:

  • The administration of a IQ/Cognitive Functioning measure.
  • The administration of academic achievement/educational levels measure in the areas of reading, writing, and math.
  • The assessment of attentional capacity for the to determine diagnostic criteria for ADHD and Executive functioning problems.
  • The assessment of social communication, language development, and adaptive behavior functioning to determine diagnostic criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorders.
  • The assessment of social and emotional functioning by means of clinical interviews and the administration of standardized psychological and behavioral scales.

What you can expect from a Psycho-Educational Evaluation

The Assessment starts with a 90 minutes clinical interview with the parents to review your child’s health, educational , developmental history. In addition,  relevant information obtained from medical providers, teachers, and other service providers will be reviewed.  Based on all pertinent sources of information, and the concerns expressed by parents and teachers, the scope and sequence of the evaluation will be outlined,  so you have a full understanding of the commitment involved and timeline for completion.

  • Typically a child is assessment over 2-3 sessions, typically last 2 hours in duration per session. This may vary depending on the suspected areas of difficulties.
  • Data collection derived from the assessment and analysis is very time consuming for the psychologist. A comprehensive report (10-15 pages) will be issued after the completion of the testing sessions, which may render a diagnosis. Full recommendations for parents and schools will be included in the report.
  • A oral feedback session will be conducted  with parents to provide a complete review of the assessment results,   recommendations for parents and suggested services, accommodations and student goal tracking to be implemented by the school.

Getting Started

Please contact Dr. Graybill at drgraybill@yahoo.com to schedule an initial intake appointment. This appointment is free of charge and typically 30 minutes in duration. During this intake, please be prepared to discuss concerns you may have for yourself or your child. For perspective clients under the age of 18, please have your parent or guardian accompany you during the initial appointment.


The price depends on scope of the assessment with regard to the suspected areas of difficulties in learning, behavior and social-emotional functioning.  The fee will be determined at the initial intake appointment based on the extent of these suspected difficulties. Please see the estimates of fees for assessments here.


Dr. Graybill is not a provider for insurance companies.  However, many clients receive reimbursement from their insurance companies. Contact your insurance company to inquire if out-of-network psychological evaluations services are reimbursable.

At the end  of the assessment process, a “Super Bill” will be issued to you. Clients have the responsibility to submit this statement to their insurance company, if they choose to do so.